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How To Identify Actionable Insights from your eCommerce Data with Dan LeBlanc

Episode Summary

Data is only as good as the questions that it answers. And the actions that it drives. Dan LeBlanc, is Co-Founder and CEO of Daasity, an analytics tool for direct to consumer brands. Dan has the unique vantage point of working with the fastest growing brands, like MVMT and Kopari, to help pull actionable insights from their analytics. There are 6 metrics that he recommends every person at the company review every day: Traffic Conversion Rate # of Orders Revenue Average order value Cost Per Orfder or Return on Ad Spend This is the high level overview, that you can see in just a few minutes, to highlight anything that requires further investigation. Additional topics that we dive into: The ideal LTV: CAC ratio for ecommerce brands, and why you should aim for a 3:1 LTV to CAC ratio The one difference between successful and struggling companies: (hint: it’s a focus on retention vs. acquisition) How to plan for changing acquisition costs that result due to seasonality or demand Dan is a wealth of knowledge in terms of ecommerce analytics, and how to extract insights from your data.

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