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How Malicious Third-Party Code Costing May Be Impacting Your Profits and Customer Experience, with Kathleen Booth

Episode Summary

Hackers and digital security is something that every website owner fears. Data breaches have impacted the biggest brands in the world, like Adobe, Target, and eBay. But there’s something even more common that could be impacting your store today: malicious third party code. Browser extensions like Honey, Capital One Shopping, and others promise savings to anyone who uses it. These extensions aggregate and share unauthorized coupons that impact the customer experience, and your profits. In this discussion with’s VP of Marketing, Kathleen Booth, we discuss what Digital Engagement Security is, and how it impacts eCommerce brands. This is an important discussion to offer ways to protect the user experience, and profits, that you work so hard to build up. You don’t want malicious or untrusted browser extensions to insert themselves in the relationship between you and your customers. Topics that we discuss: • An overview of engagement security -- what it is, and how it impacts brands • How you can prevent coupon extensions on your store • The magnitude of the problem, in terms of impact on profits and how pervasive it actually is

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