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How Strategy Sprints Can Accelerate Your Business Growth with Simon Severino

Episode Summary

Simon Severino is the author of "Strategy Sprints" and CEO of the consulting firm Strategy Sprints and has worked with teams at Google, Roche, BMW, Crayon and more. Simon has created the Strategy Sprints® Method that doubles revenue in 90 days by getting owners out of the weeds. The focus is on working smarter, not longer. The Strategy Sprints are a blueprint to increase your effectiveness, grow your revenue and secure business resilience. Simon’s "Sprints" method shows you how to transform your business with 12 assignments or "sprints" that will make you more impactful as a business leader, grow your revenue and make your strategy execution rock. In this conversation, he introduces the concepts and some tactical ways to apply this to your business.

Episode Notes


03:07:  Overview of how Strategy Sprints are organized over 90 days

12:08 How to accelerate the customer journey from from Awareness To Purchase

17:06 How to avoid falling into the weeds as a leader and stay focused on the big picture


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