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How To Communicate Visually and Trigger Conversions With Product Images, with Ian Bower

Episode Summary

On average, a Facebook user spends 2.5 seconds on a piece of content, less for mobile users and less for younger consumers. No one reads. it’s just scrolling and skimming…. Which is why it is critical to have a visually captivating product images. Ian Bower, owner of design agency Graphic Rhythm, is an expert in visual communication for ecommerce brands. Ian shares his step-by-step process of how he extracts the most important and differentiating parts of a brand, and positions it to trigger the needs of customers and impact conversions. The first step involves understanding your customers’ journey: what do your customers love, hate, or have objections to? These are the biggest bottlenecks to moving a potential customer through to purchase. Ian shares some ideas to gather this feedback: one simple hack is to study Amazon reviews. Whether you look at your own product, or a direct competitor, you can see what language the customers use, what they love, and what needs improvement. Ian covers other topics on customer discovery, visual communication, and creating visuals that convert: The progression to walk customers through the purchase decision process in stages -- from bottom of the funnel. How to create a full portfolio of images with just one single high-quality image How to strike the right balance of product images and lifestyle images

Episode Notes

Graphic Rhythm Designs

Recommended Tool for DIY Design: Glorify  (like Canva for ecommerce )