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How To Pull Actionable Insights From Your Data, with Brian Eberman, CEO of Zeenk

Episode Summary

Brian Eberman is currently the CEO of Zeenk, an actionable analytics company for e-commerce sellers. Zeenk provides companies with the forecasts, insights, and operating data they need to run their growing business across multiple sales and advertising channels. He has run multiple e-commerce companies, data analytics focused business, and has deep experience in AI and Robotics. Brian holds thirteen patents in Speech Technology, Internet Search, and Robotics along with a Ph.D., M.S., and Bachelor’s Degrees from MIT. In this convo, we discuss: - Brian’s assessment of DTC trends today, and the strategies brands are deploying to succeed in a challenging climate - How the impact of privacy changes on DTC brands has impacted advertising platforms and Acquisition costs - The importance of customer lifetime value to emerging brands, and how these brands managing and optimizing their business against this?

Episode Notes

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