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The 3-second Hook and How To Capture Attention on Social, with Lauren Schwartz

Episode Summary

The opportunity to capture attention is the blink of an eye….or the flick of a thumb. Attention spans are shorter than ever, and only getting shorter. How you approach your creative asset is what differentiates success from failure in paid social campaigns. Lauren Schwartz, founder of creative agency Loft 325 has worked on the creative strategy for brands like Colourpop, Our Place, and Leaf Shave. In her 15 years of digital design, she has honed in on strategies to immediately capture attention, more specifically in the first 3 seconds of an ad. And how to methodically tell a brand’s story in 15 seconds. A few takeaways from our conversation: Focus on the end benefit, not the features of what you are selling. Always use branded captions in an ad -- video autoplay will not have sound, so the captions are invaluable in conveying the message of the video How to quantify the creative, and its success--by measuring the percentage of video that is viewed Storytelling and creating a compelling hook has never been more important than in today’s competitive landscape. Lauren’s experience working with fast-growing DTC brands sheds a lot of insight into how you can help your brand stand out from the masses.

Episode Notes

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02:20 -  How to capture attention in the first 3 seconds of an ad

06:26 - Lauren explains her creative strategy for phone case brand Peel

10:28 - How Feat, an athletic brand, creates differentiation through creative ads

18:21 - Storytelling frameworks and formulas that Lauren relies on for her creative

22:03 - Tools that Lauren recommends for DIY creative on a budget