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The Fashion Entrepreneur Building A “Slow Fashion” Sustainable Brand, with Kristi Soomer

Episode Summary

In 2012, Kristi Soomer was clocking 100s of thousands of miles traveling as a management consultant. She’d wear what could fit in her carry-on bag. However, despite traveling with limited clothes, she didn’t want to sacrifice on style or variety. This launched her Chrysalis Cadi, the first piece out of her clothing company, Encircled. Since then, she has built an extensive fashion brand that is a Certified B Corporation, that focuses on multi-functional clothing that is ethically made in Toronto with sustainable fabrics and materials. Kristi has grown the brand into brick-and-mortar, direct-to-consumer, and made interesting pivots in the pandemic like the virtual fittings. In this conversation, we cover the range of ecommerce marketing challenges, like: - Navigating rising customer acquisition costs in the post-iOS 14 world - Gathering customer insights, at scale, to improve marketing and product research - How she uses a style quiz to learn more about her customers and improve her marketing

Episode Notes

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