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Why Conversational Marketing and SMS is High Leverage Growth - with Lisa Popovici

Episode Summary

Lisa Popovici, Co-Founder and COO at Cartloop, a conversational text marketing platform that helps ecommerce brands drive extra revenue and abandoned cart revenue. Lisa is at the forefront of SMS marketing, and how ecommerce brands can leverage the channel to build customer relationships and drive revenue. And we get into some tactical ideas on how to get more from your SMS program. A few highlights: The recommended frequency (baseds on their data of thousands of messages) is eight messages per month, or two per week. Within that, revenue percent peaks around six messages per month, and opt out rates start increasing at 10 messages per month. Transactional SMS messages vs. Educational or Nurturing messages -- how your tone of voice, and goals, should change depending on the campaign type. How to find the ideal voice for your SMS messages: Text like a human -- no one wants to be blasted with promotional messages. She notes, “So include your tone of voice. Be casual, be friendly. This sounded like a human being and as always ask if there's anything else you can do to help. And just let them know you're a text away so they can reach out to you whenever they need. “ Make Your Call To Action Obvious - be clear about what the customer should do. Ensure that there is no chance for confusion. Complete the checkout. Add to cart. Purchase the product. SMS does not have the competition and saturation that your customer’s email inbox does, so now is an opportune time to initiate your SMS strategy!

Episode Notes